Frequently Asked Questions

Where to check in horses upon arriving?

The Stall Office is a little white building straight ahead from the entrance to the fairgrounds.

Is hay or feed available on site? How do I get my horse fed in the morning or the evening?

The front gate will help you with a scheduled feeding time and has hay for sale.

If the horse trailer is empty do I still need to stop at the front gate?

Yes. As a courtesy, please stop at the gate before leaving the fairgrounds.

What are the coggins requirements?

ALL HORSE MUST HAVE A NEGATIVE COGGINS TEST. THE BLOOD MUST HAVE BEEN DRAWN WITHIN 6 MONTHS OF THE DATE OF THE SALE. NO FAX OR PHOTOCOPIES ACCEPTED. Blooded Horse Sales will have a new coggins drawn at a cost of $100.00 charged to the consignor if coggins is not turned in BEFORE the horse goes through the ring.


An official test for Equine Infectious Anemia “coggins” is a test conducted at a State or State-Federal laboratory, approved by the department. Any sample or material submitted for said test must have been obtained by a licensed accredited veterinarian, or an employee of the Ohio Department of Agriculture, or an employee of Veterinary Services, United Stated Department of Agriculture.

Any test for Equine Infectious Anemia on any animal within the State of Ohio must be reported to the department within seven days. The report must be on a form approved by the department and shall provide: 1. Name and address of owner or bailee; 2. Location of animal; 3. Date samples collected; 4. Date samples submitted; 5. Identification of each animal by a tattoo, brand, or drawing AND name or in case of no name, sire/dam. AND EXPORT COGGINS ALSO MUST BE DATED WITHIN SIX MONTHS OF SALE - NO FAX OR PHOTOCOPIES!

Federal vet is very strict about correct identification. They also check to be sure the vet is accredited, so be sure your vet spells his or her name legibly. They will not accept a coggins that has changes or additions, fax or copies.


How do I consign my horse?

You can consign a horse on-line, by requesting a hard copy contract, or by fax.

  • If you choose to consign on-line you go back to the home page. You must have a credit card to enter on-line and click on Sales Contract. Then you go to option 1 and click Secure Online Entry Contract. Fill in the blanks just like you would a hard copy contract.
  • If you want to use a hard copy either go back to the home page and fill out the form on option 2 or call us at 859-858-4415 and we will mail contracts to you. When you receive them, fill them out and mail them back with $150.00 catalog fee per horse.
  • If you want us to fax a contract, you need to call or e-mail us with the fax number. We will fax a contract, which you can copy if you need more than one, fill out and fax back with a credit card number for catalog fees.

What if my horse is claimed after I enter it?

What if my horse is claimed or someone wants to buy it after it is entered in the sale?

Since we encourage you to keep a horse racing until sale time, there is nothing we can do about someone claiming your animal. The $165.00 catalog fee is retained by the Sale Company.

Once the catalog has gone to press you are committed to the terms of the contract which say: The consignor agrees that no animal will be withdrawn from the sale, except in case of injury or sickness subsequent to the time of the entry, sufficient in nature to prevent realizing a fair price, and in case of withdrawal of any animal without the consent of the Company, full commission upon a fair valuation will be charged.

How can I get on the mailing list?

Anyone who buys or sells a horse and uses their name and address will go on the mailing list for one year or as long as they are active. You can order a catalog from this web page by clicking on Catalog Request or you can call the office and leave your name and complete address.

How can I get past performance lines?

Hard copy and on-line racelines include all starts through the Monday before the sale. They can be seen on-line on Thursday before the sale. Hard copies are only available at the sale. We do not have them in our office as they are printed at the last possible date. We have updated lines available which include races the night before each sale day.

When will the sale close ?

Generally as soon as one sale ends we start taking entries for the next sale and entries received by the 10th of the month prior to the sale are accepted. After that we take entries until we are full. Any sale can fill and close without notice. You can find out the projected closing date at

How do I buy a horse?

Inspect the horse BEFORE you bid. If you don’t feel comfortable inspecting the horse yourself, have a trainer, equine veterinarian or some other knowledgeable person you trust inspect the horse for you. Bid numbers are not required. The person the auctioneer acknowledges as last bidder must sign the acknowledgment presented by the clerk. They will give you a buyers receipt. Present it to the cashier when you are ready to pay for your purchases.

Care of your horse

When the hammer falls and you sign the acknowledgment, the seller’s responsibility ends. The seller will remove any tack other than the halter.You are responsible for making sure the horse is fed, watered and generally cared for until it leaves the premises (within 24 hours). The horse can not be moved from the premises until it is paid for. At that time you will receive a release to get the horse off the grounds. Whoever is actually transporting the horse when it leaves the grounds must present the release to gate security before leaving. Be sure he/she has the release.

When do I pay for my horse?

Horses must be paid for at the end of each sale day. You can pay by cash, approved check, or credit card. If you pay with check or credit card, you must show a photo ID. If you pay with a check we will not accept a counter check. It must be a check with your name and address printed on the top left hand corner. The person who is signing the check must show a photo ID and a current USTA membership card. Please have these items with you when you go to pay. If you pay with a check the registration papers will be held for 30 days or until you (or your bank) fax us a copy of your cleared check.

Who can transport my horse?

Unless you have come to the sale with your own horse trailer, you will need to make arrangements to transport your horse to a new home. There are usually transport companies set up at a table at the sale. You can also go to Truckers on the home page to make preliminary arrangements before the sale.

How can I reserve space in the equipment sale?

Equipment is sold before the sale each day (starting at 8:30) and after the horse sale in the evening. We sell both new and used equipment and trailers.

  • You need to call the office at (859) 858-4415 to reserve a spot if you want to sell equipment. You can also email Cindy Henderson at There is not enough time to sell all the equipment people bring and we have to turn people away.
  • There is no guarantee as to the quality of the used equipment being sold. If you buy it - you pay for it- it’s yours!
  • Trailers sell on Tuesday at 9:00a.m during a two-day sale and Wednesday at 9:00am during a three day sale.

How do I find which barn a horse is in?

Inside the main auditorium, on the wall closest to Pennsylvania Ave, there is a large chart and a map of the fair ground listing barn numbers. The chart is updated continuously as horses arrive.