Horses from Canada

Veterinary Health Certificates are good for 30 days from the date of Inspection only!!!!
(If a certificate is issued on the 1 st , it expires at midnight on the 30th of the month, not the 31 st).
(EIA Test results are valid for 180 days from the date the blood is drawn, not 6 months.)
Horses must be inspected at the port of entry, 9 CFR 93, if:
            -They will be in the US more than 30 days from the accredited vet’s signature, for any reason;
They are consigned to an auction, sale, entered in a claiming race or are being sold privately in the US
•           Their Veterinary Health Certificate is marked for permanent export (even if it is marked incorrectly for permanent export)

  1. They are listed on a multiple horse Veterinary Health Certificate (it is only used for permanent exports from Canada); or
  2. They are being returned to the US from Canada using an expired (over 30 days old) US Origin Health Certificate marked for Permanent Entry. These horses will need a new Health Certificate that is dated within 30 days of the accredited vet’s signature.
  3. They stayed in Canada more than 30 days and are returning with a current Canadian Veterinary Health Certificate, if marked as “Temporary” they will need to get a new Health Certificate marked “Permanent”.
  4. A mare shipped to Canada for foaling and being returned with the foal. The foal must make a FORMAL ENTRY with DHS CBP on being entered into the US for the first time.
  5. CBP can make any importer make formal entry for their horse. Call CBP for information.

Port hours at Detroit and Port Huron are 8:00am to 4:00pm (M-F)-except holidays. Livestock are seen by appointment only. Appointments must be made 72 hours in advance.
At any other time you must have made an appointment with the Port Veterinarian for an inspection, or wait at the port of entry until the next regular duty hours.
Inspection outside of regular duty hours is at the discretion of the Port Veterinarian. Inspection outside of regular duty hours is billed as reimbursable overtime, 2 hours minimum, plus commuted travel times as listed in 9 CFR 97. Regular inspection fees also apply. (Appointments not kept will be billed).
Overtime at each port is at the discretion of the port veterinarian and can range from $375 to $423 in addition to normal inspection fees.
Detroit phone number for appointments: 313-226-4428
Port Huron phone number for appointments: 810-985-5433
Note: Do not rely on DHS Customs and Border Protection personnel (persons manning the booth at the end of the bridge) to direct you to the Port Veterinarian, or to keep copies of the proper documents. (They are not agricultural specialists).
It is suggested that you plan to reach the port veterinarian's office at least two hours before the close of business. Bridge delays may be long and are unpredictable.                                                                                                                                                      1/2


It is your responsibility to enter your horses correctly!

Monetary penalties are possible for failure to enter horses correctly.