Notice to Buyers


The Blooded Sale Company utilizes the USTA’s eSales platform. On each morning of the sale, a hold is placed on all horses in that day’s sale until final payment is received satisfactory to the Company. This hold, in accordance with the USTA, will prevent horses from being transferred, entered to race, eligibilities from being activated and foals registered, until the Company releases the hold. If you need to enter a horse shortly after the sale, you must make the necessary arrangements with the Company prior to entering to race. Important Notice: If the horse is a buyback or an out, notify the Company and settle your account so the hold is released. 

As a buyer, you will also notice a couple differences in your packets:

                Registration Certificates (if applicable) are checked in at the sales office upon consignment, marked as received in the USTA database and converted to paperless; they will not be given or mailed to you upon final payment of the horse or if the horse is a buyback. Once you complete the ownership transfer on the purchased horse, you can then request a hard copy registration certificate be mailed to you.

                Transfer Receipt – in place of receiving a registration certificate or application for transfer, you will now receive a document that has your horse’s name, hip number, sale name and sale date on it. Fill out the bottom two-thirds just like you would an application for transfer and submit to the USTA or Standardbred Canada. Once the hold is released, the transfer will complete.

                Mating Certificates for mares sold in foal are checked in at the sales office and marked as received in the USTA database for when you register the foal next year. You will no longer receive these to then mail in to the USTA or Standardbred Canada offices.