The sale will be held at Champions Center Expo, located at 4122 Laybourne Rd, Springfield, OH.


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Need to have a Horse Tattooed or Freeze-branded?

Avoid the last minute rush of having horses tattooed or freeze-branded and DNA tested. Foals can be tattooed at 14 months of age, or freeze branded as early as 10 days of age. This allows the identification process to occur in a timely and efficient manner. By scheduling early with the technician in your area, you prevent any last minute conflicts.

At the time of freeze-branding or tattooing, the technician will also pull hair from the foal's mane and mail it to the lab for DNA parentage verification. Please have the Registration Paper or the Application for Foal Registration at the time of your appointment. In order for the USTA to better serve its members, it is important to take action as early as possible.

All Yearling tattoos/freeze-brands must be completed prior to public auction.

USTA Tattoo/Freeze-Branding Technician in Ohio: Mitchell Nault - cell (740) 505-0182

If you need contact information for another location, please call the USTA at (877) 800-8782